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Simon Fraser University
Earth Sciences
EASC 104
Jeffrey Zurek

May 23rd Lecture 5 Slide 2: area of rock which wants to fall down due to gravity earthquake helps by shaking it and destabilizing it so it will fall down Slide 3: large earthquake can cause dam failure BC: large dam (Revelstoke) Slide 4: not a lot of warning for Italy 6.0 quake Slide 5: little dots are seismicities? Slide 6: maybe timing of earthquake was unexpected geologically speaking: area is covered buildings have a lot of brick/ masonry San Andreas Fault: north american plates slide past each other rocks on either side of fault extremely different older the rocks, the greater the displacement Slide 8: San Francisco: great fire destroyed 23000 homes Slide 9: SF 1906 you would be thrown 6m Slide 11: LP '89 restricted area, whereas in 1906, whole thing ruptured Slide 12: big one soon in LA region all of it will disappear in the sea 62% probability we will see 6.7+ earthquake along San Andreas fault Seiche: tsunami in lakes/reservoirs, not part of ocean tides are due to gravitational force of moon and sun tsunami: vertical displacement of a fault seiches: not a whole lot of damage unless at harbour, big lake Slide 13: cause vancouver island to move up over time carbon dating (and tree rings?): you can build up how often earthquakes occur and figure out the risks of earthquakes happening Now? Tomorrow? force of slip plate causes part of north american plate to dip, but the middle part of it to rise Slide 14:
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