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Lecture 20

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Earth Sciences
EASC 104
Jeffrey Zurek

July 16 Lecture 20: Forest Fires Slide 2: Sustainable Forests: Trying to make sure the forest stays healthy, not the number of trees slide 3: create better habitat in long run Disease Control: Example on Test: *Pine Beetle no longer has the same cold winters. Winters used to kill most of pine beetles. Decade without long period of coldness Lots of dead trees=fire risk Slide 4: Fire Prevention: Most expensive Slide 6: Crown Fires: very dangerous; out of control--> can't really be contained -involving the whole tree being burned Head Fire: area of fire which is actually moving to something -part of fire that is moving is head -big enough, then can have 2 head fires that are ACTIVELY SPREADING Perimeter Control: trying to contain it with fire lines? fuels are removed and soils are exposed -trying to create a line with fire going across Fireline: effect
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