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Lecture 18

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Earth Sciences
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Jeffrey Zurek

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Groundwater July 9th Lecture 18 Slide 2 Fresh Water Availability: Aquifer: unit of rock from which water can flow and fill into pore-space -ground water is what's inside an aquifer Slide 3 Water table: depth at which you will encounter water Capillary Water: an area through which water can move through capillary action Slide 4 Storage and Movement: Porosity:how much space in between stuff Slide 5 Springs: flow cannot happen fast enough=cone shape Slide 6 Contamination: big well and pump a lot= suck up salt water and contaminate drinking supply -rising sea levels=more pressure--> can create contamination? Slide 9 Water/Oil Extraction: suck out water from the ground and reduce pressure of pore-space Slide 10 Groundwater Effects: -water going through the ground--> limestone will react w/ acidic groundwater and form caves Sinkholes: anytime you have a removal in the ground due to flowing water? Slide 13 suck out enough groundwater quickly enough, you will destabilize it water table to stabilize? *Don't have to know Karst lakes, but know KARST TOPOGRAPHY Slide 15 Detection: light waves going in and reflect back up to the instrument (like a seismic wave) to look for void spa
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