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Earth Sciences
EASC 104
Jeffrey Zurek

Tokyo Film July 23 Eurasian and Pacific plate plates snap and cause EQ fault line slips and destructive s waves reach tokyo liquefaction: cracks in sidewalk with water underneath (behaves as liquid) -liquified dirt pumps to the surface magnitude 9 Eurasian plate dragged down by pacific plate under it upward motion thrusts water upwards zone collapses back and waves travel across ocean super quick =tsunami -2 waves in movie no pattern when or where tsunami strikes hits north first, then south, then north Different Intensities in Different Parts: travels faster in deep water and reaches land more quickly the layout of the land: cliffs and inlets determine how the tsunami behaves tsunami won't stop unless it reaches high ground waves slams Miyako coast residents well-prepared and have defenses (30 ft-high sea walls) -tsunami drills (sirens) easily reaches coastal defenses and miyako's high walls useless tsunami is 30ft high why did the walls fail? shoreline subsided so the sea had plenty of space to go and it filled up the empty space. height of land puts towns in danger wave smashes over wall and floods diesel generator that cools backup batteries take over with 8 hour charge wave sucks back debris out to sea tsunami continues to spread across ocean wave is up to 3ft high in open ocean Pacific-wide warning Hawaii issues evacuation alert and people head for high ground went over the wall ont
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