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Lecture 4

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EDUC 323
Alex Abdel- Malek

Educ 323 Lecture 4 notes (therapy clip): • What do you see therapist doing? Client? RE what we know about CBT so far • Week all right, not awful/not great, medium o Beck depression inventory for mood each week to track progress, make sure client is comfortable doing that o Wanting to connect all sessions so nothing unresolved o Process explained of how things work- client feeling hopeless but perhaps that therapy might help? o Very collaborative o Ask about cognitive model from last week (education/testing understanding) o Situation (ie wave at friend and they don’t respond)- Thought (affected by mood/experiences that day- ie What did I do?)- then Emotional response (ie anxiety, worried)- Behavior (what should I do?)  Situation-though-emotional response-behavior o Goal=target thoughts and see if they’re accurate/functional  Record thoughts and see how they’re functional or dysfunctional  Maybe seed of truth to thought, so not changin
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