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Lecture 3

ENGL 102W Lecture 3: ENGL112W Lecture 3 Passing by Nella Larsen Part 3 Notes

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Simon Fraser University
Christine Kim

Monday, September 19, 2016 Passing by Nella Larson (18911964) Part Three Notes Lecture 3 Notes ASSIGNMENT DUE: Essay 1 (1000 words or 45 pages) Due Wednesday September 28th at the end of Lecture (worth 10 of Final Grade) Clares Death? Theories Her Husband is furious and irate because he has discovered that she is passing. He is looking for his wife, but before he can get to her, she has fallen from the 6th oor window and is now dead. Everyone goes downstairs but Irene, posing a question if Irene was the killer. Clares Death forces us to ask the question of how we can look back on the text and story line and gure out the ending of the story and how Clare really died. SCENARIO 1) Clare Committed Suicide she is unhappy with her situation and her life and the book foreshadows this or she did not want to deal with the fallout of her marriage and the anger of her husband Jack. At the beginning of the book, Irene asks Clare what would happen if Jack her husband gures out she is passing, Clare response with I will be free Maybe this foreshadows Clare committing suicide after Jack gures out her secret that she is passing. SCENARIO 2) Clare fell by accident lend it to the interpretation that clares life has been lled with accidents, being born into certain family, living with white aunts who disapproved pf her back origin, marrying jack. all of these situational accidents SCENARIO 3) Irene Pushed Clare out the window . I do not think this is a likely theory because Irene say Clares life crumble to pieces and she would not risk her entire future by choosing an act of risk and danger. Irene always plays it safe. Irene: feelings of indignation ( feelings of longing and loneliness) while at tea with Clare. She becomes part of their inner circle, befriending them, While the idea Clare (paternal grandfather white, paternal grandfather black) marrying Jack has given her privilege such as money, social status,etc. She mad other sacrices such as her friend groups. When the chance to get away came that mission [meaning her racial heritage] was a great value to me. When Jack, a schoolboy acquaintance of some people in the neighbourhood, turned up from South America with untold gold, there was no one to tel him that I was coloured, and may to tell him about severity and the religiousness of 1
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