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ENG 103W Lecture Notes (11/08/10)

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Rhonda Arab

About human connection with each other - humans don’t make real emotional human connection when there is an opportunity The ghosts are disconnected and hazy - when Emily talks to them, they stand and look ahead, they don’t look at Emily, they are not emotionally/psychologically engaged, they are distant and uninterested in the earthly world - disconnected from the earthly worlds - the longer you’ve been apart from the earthly world, you forget and look ahead – Mrs. Gibbs - Emily is distraught to be leaving behind the earthly world, realizes people aren’t looking at each other, paying attention to each other and connecting – normal day by day experience without being really aware, in the moment - Act I foreshadowing, Emily is looking for affirmation “I have a good memory and I’m healthy too” – her mother turns away for her, “quit bragging” - Act I is all about establishing Grover’s Corner as homogeneity and continuity - Act ! – homogeneity (parallels) - parallel families – two children :one boy; one girl - parallel, synchronic, morning routines - parallel gardens - Stage Manager: This is Mrs. Gibb’s garden. Corn…peas…beans…hollyhocks…heliotriope..and a lot of burdock (Crosses the stage) and this is Mrs. Webb’s garden. Just like Mrs. Gibbs’, only it’s got a lot of sunflowers, too (284) – slight variations - the horse doesn’t want to budge, can’t adjust to minor change when the household stops ordering milk Act One – homogeneity (and synchronicity) - Stage Manager: It’s early afternoon. All 2642 have had their dinners and all the dishes have been washed. (294) Act One - Continu
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