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ENG 103W Lecture Notes (11/10/10)

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Rhonda Arab

Our Town Act I A young man’s wasted education. Death renders life meaning less - Life is meaningless, it was a waste - no going on after he died, Not all the peoples of the land have a long, continuous history Stage Manager. We might have a few words on the history of man here Professor Willard. Yes..anthropological data: Early Amerindian stock. Cotachatchee tribes…no evidence before the tenth century of this era…(291) - Harsh reminder that human groups could become extinct People are separated by language, custom, and country Mrs. Gibbs. [I]t seemts to me that once in your life before you die you ought to see a country where they don’t talk in English and they don’t even want to. (290) - Disrupts the seamless image of sameness and continunity - Reminder that not everybody in the world is connected to eachtouther throught sameness - People are separated by language, custom, country, geography Act II – Marriage Stage Manager. This is a good wedding, but people are so put together that even at a good wedding there’s a lot of confusion way down deep in people’s minds. (316) (307-08) (308) George crosses the stage to his own home, bewildered and crestfallen. He slowly doges a puddle and disappears into his house. (309) - Avoiding experiencing the fundamental aloneness, singularity, solitude that every human being essentially has  drama around marriage of George and Emily - People have a sort of discomfort and confusion that comes out at weddings  the confusion is mostly from the people who are closest the George and Emily - George runs over to the Webb’s house to see Emily but Ms. Webb says he can’t come in because the groom can’t see the bride on the wedding day before church, he thinks it superstitious, Georg asks why there is all the superstition and why it is such a Ceremony - George comes over because he wants assurance and confirmation from seeing Emily, wants to be reminded that this is what he wants to do, really have a connection with Emily – wants reassurance of their connection - He doesn’t get any confirmation, he doesn’t get to see Emily and his conver
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