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ENG 103W Lecture Notes (11/17/10)

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Rhonda Arab

Naturalist and Realist Theatre - the main mode of theatre from 1850-1950 - Similar with a slight divergence Naturalism - asserts a verisimilitude; a photographic slice of life - Making dramam on stage more life-like - Stage filled with objects from real life to create the realistic environment that the men and women in the dramam would be in - New sets fro each production to create specific environment  Will Shakespeare: relatively bare stage; restoration: a few sets used over and over - When the play was set in an historical period, costumes would be accurate to the period depicted  no the case in Elizabethan plays, for instance  in Shakespeare’s plays, all the kinds of clothes people wore in the late 16 and early 17 th centuries th th  Macbeth – characters didn’t wear 11 century costumes, they wore 16 century clothing; likewise, Roman plays (Julius Caesar) - Influence of their environment can be seen on the character  the perfect house with middle class furniture – lovely but confining to Nora (The Doll House)  stark, bare rooms of the houses – reflects the simple life and rigid moral codes by which they lived (The Crucible) - Naturalistic plays stress environmental and psychological causes fo
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