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ENG 103W Lecture Notes (11/22/10)

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Rhonda Arab

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- Hamm centers himself in the room – centers himself in the center of the universe  It is ones owns responsibility to put meaning on one’s life - Hamm teeters from desiring meaning and the desire to end the world “Oh god kill that flea” - Hamm has moments of regret in not helping Mother Pegg/compassion - Life and earth is pain and suffering – crying = being alive Metatheatricality (on Final exam) - Acknowledging the status of the play as a play - Breaks the illusion that the play is reality - Direct references to the theatre - Breaking the fourth wall - Metatheatrical reference: Hankerchief on his face – curtain is being drawn – the play beings - Hamm’s name - Shakespeare reference – hamlet, great suffering man, dramatic metatheatricality in Endgame some exapmles - “Me to play” (6) - Hamm’s name – he’s a ham, also allusion to Hamlet, the great suffering man - References/allusions to Shakespeare: - “My Kingdom for a nightman” (17); a distortion of “My kingdom for a horse” Richard III -“Our revels now are ended” (35) from The Tempest - Clov looks at the audience with the telescope (20) [he gets down, picks up the telescope, turns it on the auditorium.] I see…a multitude in transports…of joy. [Pause.] That’s what I call a magnifier. (20) looking at the audience, commenting on them - “An aside, ape! Did you never hear an aside before? [Pause] I’, warming up for my last soliloquy.” (46) - When Clov finally leaves: “this is what we call making and exit.” (48) - R
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