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Ancient Greek Culture

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Torsten Kehler

English 103 Sept 12 2011Ancient Greek CultureAncient Greek culture served as a beginning for numerous things we use today such as democracy demos and theatre theriaspectate see a spectacleGreek citystates constantly squabbled with one another Ancient Greece was not a rich country in terms of resources its climate was hot and dry and people led a tough life Citystates developed a governing system based on agon competition Ex word antagonist Their politics were conceived of people debating with one another Debate is something done only when it matters It occurs only when the leadership allows it Ancient Greece took politics seriously because it changed things They only argued and debated only when it really mattered when important things depended on it This created the basis of Democracy Greek citystates had competition at the heart of their matter olympics Also had theatre competitions crowned the best playwrights In the Elizaethan era the audience said hear a play not see a playDramacomes from a greek word for doing something Spectators doing is seeing actors doing is putting on a play Drama is done through more that words its also done through movement gesture motion and portrayal of activity through movement gesture and motion Orig
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