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Athenian Theatre

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Torsten Kehler

English 103 D100Lecture 2Athenian Theatre prized and valued competition included theatre in competitive culture Had special theatre competitions We have access to 46 complete plays by Greek playwrights who all wrote in Athens not all were from Athens but moved there because it was the theatrical centre and the epicentre of cultural lifePlato a philosopher and playwright Fancied himself a great writer and went to Athens having worked very hard on his tragedies Took a shortcut to get to Athens ran into Socrates who was telling a crowd of people a story By the time he finished listening to Socrates he discovered philosophy Now knows as a philosopher Known for western philosophy logos Wrote Plato Dialogues The centre of his works was Socrates execution in Athens for corrupting the young It is a tragedy Persians were the great enemies of the Greeks and invaded them regularly Aeschylys first play was about Persians 472 BCE It was a first play that took the enemy seriously not portraying them in a cliched manner He set the play at the Persian court Aeschylys great trademark is that he imagines things from an opposite point of views In Agammemnon shows points of views of the Watchman Clym Cassandra whos points of view would not have been a concern in ancient Greece Aeschylys looks at complicated events and makes them even more complicated by showing that theres different points of views on themAnother period of popularity for tragedy as good as one in Greece was in England from 15701630 with Shakespeare from 1590 to 1610 thItalian Renaissance 16 century was said to fail because Greek tragedy possibly meant goat song was not recreated Castrated boys to make them sing w
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