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Themes of the Oresteia

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Torsten Kehler

English 103 Lecture 4September 212011The chorus in Greek Tragedy has no defined role role depends on the play They make editorial comments and generalize the views Athenians would have about certain subjects sa Peace war revenge Agamemnon Ex perception on Helen Elopes with a man she hardly knows leaves her family and her duties Seen in a very harsh lightp22 What is not shown is the true character of MenelausStory ManLion paraboleThemes 1We cant expect a leopard to change its spots Can not force the lion to change its fierce nature It is excessive arrogance to assume that one can control nature in the form of the lion cub 2The folly of taking the wrong guest into your house 3The guesthost relationship was very important and extremely special to the Greeks with a host of complicated norms surrounding how you behave Helen breaks it by falling in love and sleeping with Paris Helen is the Lion cub in this case but is not Things are not what they seem to be She is a human version of the Trojan horse Trojan virus sneaks in unexpectedly and brings destruction She destroys Troy and the house of ArgosSOME OF THE GREAT THEMES OF AGAMEMNON AND ORESTEIAThings are not what they seem or appear to be exbeacon supposed to represent end of conflict safety and conflict and it brings more bloodshedThe past always haunts us it erupts into our world when we least expect it It is not just left behind The play starts
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