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Theme of revenge in Greek tragedy

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Torsten Kehler

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English 103Lecture 5DigressionFor the Greeks events didnt occur in isolation they were all connected The Gods and Goddesses of the Greeks were very capricious and unpredictable They have emotions think of revenge can hate and be angry They are thwarted in their desires and participate in all events of the day However the Greek Gods and Goddesses cant affect everything Pathei Mathos pathei means passions things that happen to us emotions something we can not control that just happens to us the expression means we learn from what happens to us It is through unbelievable suffering that we learn what to avoid and learn the tragic truth that life is miserable Unavoidable suffering is at the core of Ancient Greek philosophyCassandra articulates the Greek perception on suffering and predictability No event happens in isolation All stories in the trilogy go back to prior events and have concequencesThe present is pregnant with the future Many events B will follow event A because of revenge No vicious heinous act can go unpunished We do not know what events will follow event A we only know that revenge will occur That causes uncertainty The trilogy starts with the war being over but also the crimes of the past and shows the world filled with uncertainties omens and parables Clytemnestra calls Aegisthus toothless l
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