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Intro to Oedipus the King and Sophocles

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Torsten Kehler

English 103 Lecture 7October 3 2011Oedipus the KingBy SophoclesThe Oresteia is aboutchthonic forces such as the Furiesabout the power of revenge and how difficult it isabout hatred war and rageabout choices being taken out of ones handsabout Gods and elemental forcesOn the other hand Sophocles plays are aboutthe individual being an agent about choices The opposite of an agent is a patient Agent is the one who actshas control the patient is the one being acted onno control To be an agent is to have the power of choice Sophocles is interested in how his characters are agents they are not toys of gods His world is not primal and elemental but is deceptive none the less There still are forces that affect us but they are personal psychological or philosophical We seem to have a lot of choice but we dont Theres a lot of stuff that goes on in our minds that we dont really know about Epistemologythe study of how we know what we knowFreud interested in the idea of personal choices and the fact that we seem to have a lot of ch
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