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ENG 103W Lecture Notes (03/12/12)

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Tiffany Werth

Retrospective lecture; describing where we started and ended The wasteland Volta: rain From west to east No heading at chapel; only betrayal Thunder does 3 things: - gives - Sympathizes - Controls We are given: awful doing of a moments surrender - Momentary surrender of self in sex (boring, botched sex) - Perhaps no giving in this poem - Diatambom – I have been given the key - Acts of sympathy in poem - - imagery of each individual looking for key to open door - Everyone locked down? Place - Therefore no sympathy; an incapacity for sympathy in this poem, voices in this poem cannot communicate mean fully with each other - Control: who/what’s in control? (“controlling hands”) - Back to western section ends with “I” “I sat upon the shore fishing with the arid plain behind me” - The fisher king “ shall I set my lands in order?” cacophony of western images - Last 4 lines “these fragments…” - Back to hindu mantra - End in place - Are we offered transcendence in poem? Ecstatic dystopia - Awful imagery, aryes, lack of passion - Sting hauntingly, beautiful, gorgeous about this poem - Dr. who:” Sad is what people call happy” Exam Question *think about the ending of this poem of what this means
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