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Lecture 6

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Simon Fraser University
ENGL 205
Nicole Didicher

Eng205 Lecture 6 January 25 2013 Writing tip: ebscohost(?) Aphra Behn  We don’t know much about Aphra Behn  Signed up to be an espionage agent for the King and Duke of York  She must have had a really charming personality because she seemed to be of the lower class, and she was a little bit of a bragger, so the fact that she was totally silent about her family so we guess that she didn’t have a higher class family. Must have had great personality because she knew the King and the Duke of York. She was to contact William Scott and she didn’t get much information (and William Scott lied to her anyway) so her spy career was short lived  She then decided to become a professional writer. A woman who publishes was considered a prostitute because she was considered to be selling herself  Was sexually active but not really happy. Ended up in her 40s single, abandoned (too old to be beautiful even though she was still witty and charming)  Plays were a chance thing because if your play didn’t do well enough for a third showing, you didn’t make money. Authors only got the net box office of the third play, and then every other third play after that  If you wrote prose, you got qu
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