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Lecture 21

ENGL 103W Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Euripides

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Torsten Kehler

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Lecture 21
Essay topic
"There’s something very persuasive about a gift. They’re more persuasive than words.”
Are gifts more persuasive than words to Medea? How is she persuasive?
o How she persuades other people
o Look at instances of her being persuasive
Final exam:
10 MC questions that “won’t be difficult"
Identify this passage followed by a passage you need to identify
o You will get 4 of them
o Know playwright and play
o Please Identify the speaker
o 3 points available for saying what the passage is about
Has always puzzled people
Some people despise him
Nietzsche is one of the best commentators on art
o Birth of tragedy is his most famous book
o In this book he can’t stand Euripides
o He thinks he is too concerned with “ordinary humans"
There is some grandeur about society
o Euripides makes us feel “low and dirty"
Tarantino movies are similar
o When you leave you are left wanting more
Jason was out looking for the Golden Fleece
Medea used her magic to help him find it
She betrayed her father and then ran away to elope with Jason
She murdered her brother
She took revenge very well with multiple dismemberments
They end up in corinth - one of the greatest Greek city states and they are married and
have a family
Jason abandons her and abandons the children in order to marry the daughter of the king
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