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Lecture 21

ENGL 103W Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Euripides

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Torsten Kehler

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Lecture 21
- Intoxication
- Drunkenness / drama : parallel between the two
- Paradox of fiction/ horror/ tragedy
It is a puzzle to philosophers how we can be say horrified by horror
oDoesn’t even have any depth
oNot even real
- Duress : stress
- April 20th Saturday : 12:00pm – 2:00 pm
- Bring ID, pen and pencil
- Closed Book
- 10 MC / ¾ Passages from Plays : Author, Play, Speaker, Significance of the Paragraph
- Born 480 BCE
- Youngest of all playwrights
- Realistically he was an Athenian even though he lived 5 km away
- His family owned a hereditary priesthood and they were situated reasonably high without being
high class
- People made fun of Euripides
- The family were green grocers: they sold produce
- He lived in a cave(retreat) as a hermit on a beach  that’s what people thought
He had a get away
- He was extremely prolific
- His plays were at some point bound together alphabetically
- He entered theatre competitions in about 455 BCE and he entered about 22 times
The Athenians were a little unhappy about giving him the first prize
oHe liked to poke fun at things. For him, nothing was sacred. He would do anything if
it meant shocking and exciting his audience.
Ex: he has extreme violence in his plays
- He was popular outside of Athens. He had a major following in Macedonia
Macedonia was famous for its kings (Phillip II: the father of Alexander the Great). Aristotle
was the tutor of Alexander the Great.
- He is interested in the faults of humans, the things that make people break, the things that destroy
people and cause them to kill or take their own lives
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