ENGL 205 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Syphilis, Premature Ejaculation, Orgasm

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Published on 28 Jan 2013
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Eng205 Lecture 5
Minna Guo
January 21, 2013
The more repressed a society is, the more the outlet
Canadian society at all with itselfhow?
-think of selves as against violence, but may go to a hockey game and wish to see a fight
A literary work which ridicules vice/folly in human behaviour; satire usually implies a positive
moral alternative without presenting it directly
Vice: vicious behaviour; has to be habitual, usually harmful, immoral, illegal (etc drug use,
murder, smoking, domestic or any type of abuse,)
Folly: foolish behaviour, something society would find inappropriate. Not illegal, unethical,
harmful to self or others (wearing large fruit hats when it’s uncommon to culture)
Rochester and Satire
Rochester does present his positive moral alternative in his poem whereas most don’t.
Rochester sums up his satire in triplets; then continues on to talk about “if there is a good
courtier, a good man, who would do good things and not these horrible things that a lot of
churchmen do” (line 220) then he would take his satire back if there were such a man “if there
are really very virtuous courtiers and churchmen, then I will give up this satire and bow to them
and say yes they’re wonderful” but even if that were the case, I’d say they were the exception
not the rule
Liked by the King for his boldness
By being lazy as a King, self-indulgent, not taking your country to war could be seen by some as
NOT ambitious
Supposedly the purpose of satire is to make people reform and be better but usually does not
have that effectbut satirists usually say that that is their purpose
In the 18th century, people believed that the female orgasm was necessary for conception; there
were sex books written to teach men how to stimulate women to orgasm so they could have
Men used to be called “wolves”—the equivalent to “cougars” of today but the word “wolves”
has almost completely dropped off, whereas “cougar” is popularized
In the 18th century, women of child bearing age were supposed to desire sex and pleasure and
have children
By 1950s(?) the women were then socially supposed to be pure and innocent, not supposed to
think about or desire sex and pleasure, etc
Just before he succumbed to syphilis, he turned Christian
Had many children but no legal male heirhis wife was also attacked by society as she could not
produce children
Probably added the best written works to the genre of premature ejaculation
Mixed elevated and crude language to describe a situation neither elevated or dignified (sucking
face, clips, cunt, etc)
One of the reason why the English derided Catholicism was because they stayed away from sexual