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Environmental Science
EVSC 100
Tommy Rodgen

What is Ecological restoration? What are some examples of systems that urgently need to be restored? How would you go about doing this? Ecological restoration offers a way to restore ecologic, economic, and social health of ecosystems for present and future generations. Ecological restoration assists the recovery of degraded ecosystems, with effective planning, monitoring and evaluation. Your plan must include rationale (science, uncertainty, and personal/cultural values). Also, question if the “reference” or “historical status” or “baseline” or “natural status”… needs to be restored, or does a new status needs to be made. You also need to integrate the rest of the landscape and think of long-term management of the degraded system. Your monitoring and evaluation of the plan should treat the symptoms, and also attack underlying causes of the ecosystem health decline. A long-term solution is ultimately restoration of ecosystem health, where it regains its integrity. For example, the Garry Oak e
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