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Simon Fraser University
GEOG 100
Ivor Winton

Geography 100 Week 1Jan 6 SynopsisOn GeographyIn its essencethe study of the world around us Preconceived notions may give the wrong impression of geographyTwo major points to grasp as the course begins1Geography is defined by its viewpoint not by its subject matter Geography lacks a subject matter that uniquely belongs to itInstead it looks at thingsin a distinctive wayAs expressed on the earths surface2Human Geography involves two main intellectual traditions Broadly two main traditions have coexisted over the years Summing up the focus of each in just a single wordenvironmentspace Environmentthat which surrounds Geographers stress the biophysical environment around usclimate soils water etcSpacethat dimension within which things are located Geographers work at the scale of the earths surfaceBurnaby BC the Americas etc Environmental or ecological tradition looks at how humans interact with the biophysical environment both the processes and the results Spatial tradition looks at the location and distribution of featuresphenomena acrossthe earths surfaceA fundamental question is whereEcologic
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