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Lecture 7

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GEOG 111
Faran Ali

Lecture 7Earth Crust Dynamics and the Rock CycleModule Overview Earth scientists are interested in understanding the processes that shape the surface of the lithospherethe outermost rock layer of the EarthLandforms on the Earths surface develop in response to processes operating within endogenic and on the surface of exogenic the lithosphereExamining and determining the composition of the lithosphere adds to our understanding of the processes which shape and rearrange the Earths surface materials throughout geologic timeTopics CoveredEarths geologic time scaleEarth materials and the cycle of rock changeIgneous sedimentary and metamorphic rocksPlate tectonics volcanism and diastrophismRock weathering mass movement processes and landformsLimestone weathering and Karst landscapesLearning Objectives On completion of this Module you should be able toPosition major Earth events in historical sequence geologic timeDescribe the cycle of rock transformation and define the major rock typesExplain how the lithospheric plates move and the consequences of their interactionsDescribe the processes of rock weatheringDefine mass wasting and describe the main processes involvedExplain what Karst landscapes are and how they evolveLearning Resources Textbook Readings complete the following in preparation for lecture 7All of chapter 11Chapter 12 pages 358361Chapter 13 pages 393410 Topic OverviewGeologic Time Scale The geologic time scale represents a timeline of all Earth history The geologic time scale incorporates two important kinds of time relative what happened in what order and absolute the actual number of years before the present Relative time relates to the sequence of events and is based on the principle of superposition which states that 1
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