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Lecture 8

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Simon Fraser University
GEOG 111
Faran Ali

Lecture 8River Systems and LandformsModule Overview Water is essential to all lifeWater in the form of precipitation is delivered from the atmosphere to the Earths surface as part of a vast system that circulates water water vapour ice and energy hydrologic cycle throughout the PlanetThis cycle redistributes energy and materials through a process of erosion transport and depositionA portion of this precipitation is returned to the atmosphere through the processes of evaporation and transpirationA second portion of the precipitation flows across the ground surface as surface runoff overland flowLastly a third portion of the precipitation enters the ground surface infiltration and under the force of gravity percolation continues to move downwards through the soil or rock to become groundwaterThe movement of water on and below the Earths surface contributes to surface drainage systems consisting of streams lakes and wetlands and to the creation of landformsTopics CoveredInfiltration and hydrogeologySurface runoff stream flow and floodsFluvial processes and landformsLearning Objectives On completion of this Module you should be able toDescribe the main aspects of ground water and overland runoffExplain the basics of strea
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