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Lecture 9

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GEOG 111
Faran Ali

Lecture 9The Work of Wind and WavesModule OverviewIn Module 4 we considered how Earths absorption of insolation energizes atmospheric circulation As the resulting winds flow across seas and landscape surfaces some of their energy effects landform change by directly eroding and depositing sediments as well as by initiating the wave action and currents which make coastlines such dynamic environmentsTopics CoveredArid environmentsaeolian processes and landformsCoastal environmentswindgenerated waves and landformsLearning ObjectivesOn completion of this Module you should be able toExplain how wind causes erosion and deposition of sedimentDescribe typical features of aeolian geomorphologyExplain the processes of wave action on coastlinesIdentify and describe common coastal featuresLearning ResourcesTextbook Readings complete the following in preparation for lecture 9Chapter 15 Pages 454464Chapter 16 pages 490502 Topic OverviewAeolian Processes and Landforms The erosion transport and deposition of sediments by wind are restricted largely to surfaces where mineral and organic particles occur in
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