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Lecture 10

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GEOG 111
Faran Ali

Lecture 10Glacier Systems and Ice AgeModule Overview Cold snow and ice remain prevalent features of the climate of higher latitudes and altitudes and research in geomorphology and paleoclimatology provides ample evidence of substantially greater predominance of such conditions at various times in Earths pastIn this module we examine the distinctive processes and landform features of nearglacial climates as well as the ways in which flowing masses of ice shape landscapes through erosion and depositionTopics CoveredPeriglacial processes and landformsAlpine glacial processes and landformsContinental glaciations and landformsLearning Objectives On completion of this Module you should be able toDescribe the processes and features of frostcontrolled landscapesExplain how alpine and continental glaciers form and moveDescribe glacial erosion and deposition processesDescribe typical features found in glaciated landscapesOutline the global conditions associated with the LateCenozoic Ice AgeLearning Resources Textbook Readings complete the following in preparation for the lecture 10All of Chapter 17Topic Overview Glacial Processes and Landforms Glaciers are defined as any large natural accumulation of land ice affected by past or present motionIn areas where accumulation is greater than ablation a new layer
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