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GEOG 317
Margaret Schmidt

SOIL FERTILITY AND NUTRIENTS - the ability of soil to supply essential elements for plant growth deficiency- plant nutrient status such that the incorporation of more nutrients leads to more plant growth toxicity- plant nutrient status such as that incorporation of more nutrient=less plant growth luxury consumption- between deficiency and toxicity, where additional incorporation of nutrient has no effect on growth Process: - Starts with structural framework where primary minerals and organic matter avail slowly - colloidal fraction makes clay and humus slowly avail - adsorbed fraction allows ions held on colloidal surface to be moderately avail - soil solution fraction=ions freely move and adsorbed by plant roots by diffusion 2 types of major soil nutrients: macronutrients- chemical elements necessary in large amounts for plant growth. From air and water- CHO, from soil solids- P,K,N,Ca micronutrients- chemical elements necessary in extremely small amounts for plant growth - Fe, Mn, Cl, B, Co, Cu, Zn fertilizers- animal manure, chemical fertilizers N- urea, P-rock phosphate, K- from mining underground salt N- required in large amounts by plants amount in soils in available form is small= deficiency essential process dependently on N- amino acids, enzymes and proteins, chlorophyll for photosynthesis, and to stimulate root growth, development and uptake of other nutrients N is gained through biological and industrial fixation lost throug
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