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GEOG 327
Alison Gill

Peter Murphy: Community Networking for Local Tourism Entrepreneurs  How communities can and have worked with tourism entrepreneurs Three Dimensions: -Entrepreneur: fulfilling a business opportunity for self and community benefit. Best if beneficial to business and community. -Local Tourism Market: Realistic appraisal of its resources and competitive position. Many people don’t, they overlook the fact that they aren’t unique, there are intervening opportunities between where the tourists originate and there, not enough attractions. Must have enough attraction to keep people overnight - $ accommodation, $ meals etc. -Host Community: work within “ecomuseum” concept retaining three things – the best of the past (heritage & character), developing the present (existing socio-economic structure), with an eye on the future (aspirations). Selected Business Issues: very specific, look at particular incident and how the business reacted. 1. Opportunity Recognition: what do they have that would interest tourists? 2. Leadership: entrepreneurs take initiative 3. Seasonality: 4. Human Resource Development: Eg. in rural areas past employment in mining and lumber, is difficult to get them to work in tourist sector. 5. Finance: 6. Sustainability: Opportunity: Eg. Billy Butlin developed Holiday Camps in the UK in 1930’s, based on Eaton’s staff summer camps (in Canada). -Butlin was lobbyist for paid annual vacations, spoke with communities to see if they were interested in the camps (very rural with good access via rail) -Environmental Scanning -International and National Scale = WWII – dark days don’t last forever, so planned for the future -Looked at distance not guaranteed future -During war, camps were confiscated used for soldiers, Butlin bid for the military camps with special condition that he gets to buy them back for 60% of the original cost -His planning paid off, after the war there was a latent demand for holidays, and he had multiple camps with good access to urban areas Seasonality- Wickaninnish Inn, Tofino, BC: -Seasonality – areas that have only one real busy season, gauge during it to make enough money to pay expenses -Tofino has peak in the summer and shoulder season (spring & autumn with whale watching), winter still dead -Mcdiarmid wanted to open
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