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Lecture 8

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Simon Fraser University
HIST 101
Willeen Keough

Newfoundland •demography similarities with NFL and other maritime colonies •maritimes was popular for fishing station Early Governance •1729 •non-resident governor •local Justice of peace •Naval justice •British statutory law •local customary law of fishery •residents had little say Immigration •mostly from west of england and southern ireland Population Growth •increased trade •intro of potato in 1750s •helped with scurvy, potato fulfilled the diet •spring seal fishery •employment in off-season •dominance of resident fishery Attractive destinations •high wages in fishery •low passenger fares •british government was passing various passenger acts, cutting down on passenger •many people died because of poor accommodations for passengers Economy •largely dependent on saltfish trade •little commercial agriculture •traded with southern Europe, Brazil, and Caribbean •cod fishery vulnerable •catch failures •shifting market demand •increasing competition •decline in quality of cure Class of Economy (in order) •shaped by fishery: •merchants (top level) •controlled trade •provided supplies and provisions •planters (middle) •owned fishing premises •depended on merchants •supploes •purchase and market fish •fishing servants (lower) •dependents on merchants and planters •work and provisions Tensions •class tensions •truck system •planters and fishermen felt that merchants 'fixed' prices of supplies and fish •ethnic tensions •irish-catholics vs english-protestants •there was social distance that was maintained/s
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