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Lecture 9

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HIST 101
Willeen Keough

Parti Canadien •“Patriotes” after 1826 •Frustrated, lack of access to patronage •Dominated LC's assembly •No to united Canadas •ploy to anglicize LC •Protect French language and culture •someAnglophone from LC support •maintain french culture and language Papineau's 92 Resolutions, 1834 •Ececutive Council responsible to Assembly, elected by assemby •Elected Legistaltive Council •Assembly control appointments and salaries •not met Road to Rebellion •Demands not met •Patriotes formed Fils de la liberte •Called for: •constitutional convention to reconsider the way the colony was governed •economic boycott (run by women) •rallies •petitions •Harassed gov't officials to resign/get out Rebellion and Outcome •Outbreak November 1837 •Rebels easily defeated •Patriote leader (Papineau) fled to US •Regrouped and invaded LC; second attempt in 1838 •Rebels defeated •Rebel centers burned and looted •Mass arrests: hanging and deportation of leaders Family Compact •Conservative, powerful ruling class •Resisted land Reform •Protected Church of England •Refused to abolish clergy reserves •Amassed large land grants •Monopolized government positions Reformers in Upper canada •Moderates •led byW.W.And Robert Baldwin •wanted appointed caminet responsible to majority inAssembly •Radicals •led byWilliam Lyon Mackenzie •wanted everything they can get •wanted a lower government to be elected •elected Executive council •Did not always dominate assembly •in-fighting •conservative had support of recent British immigrants, who feared “A
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