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Lecture 11

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HIST 101
Willeen Keough

Pacific Northwest Fur Trade •1820s collapse of sea otter resource •shift to interior •HBC trading posts •Fraser Valley •Lower Mainland Coastal First Nations •Less European intervention in cultures BUT •European diseases •decimated some communities •upset elaborate social relations Disputed Territory •British, Russian, American claims •1825, Russian sovereignty north of 54'40 •near the border of Canada and Oregon territory •1846, Oregon Treaty •Boundary, 49 parallel •Oregon, Washington ? USA British Response to USAExpansion •Pushed settlement •1849, Britain gave HBC 10-year lease to colonize Vancouver Island •Governor James Douglas of Vancouver Island •treaties with First Nations •compensated only for developed lands •not for hunting, fishing areas •tensions Gold Fever •Fraser Canyon, 1858, Cariboo, 1862 •Huge influx of male immigrants •Temporary housing, tent cities •British assert control •1858, Vancouver Island ? Crown colony •1859, mainland (BC) ? Crown colony •Governor James Douglas •prevent annexation to US •highways, connected settlements, build roads, public schools, •developed New Westminster and Victoria Aftermath of Gold Rush •Sharp decline in population •Ghost towns •European population mostly male •Female emigration from Britain •discourages intermarriage with abori
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