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Lecture 13

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HIST 101
Willeen Keough

Nov 28 Charlottetown Conference •September 1864 •Reps from Canadas, NS, NB, PEI •Called for BNAunion Canada West •popular •benefits •intercolonial trade •defence against US •annexation of northwest •potential market for goods •strong rep in federal parliament NFLD •rejected in 1869 election •confederate arguments •new, tariff-free markets for products •replace loss of US markets •Federal grants for public works •Anti-confederate arguments •trade partners in Europe and Caribbean •increased taxes and tariffs •loss of control of fisheries, revenue, patronage •neglect by central majority •competition of canadian firms •irish catholics feared anglo-protestant majority PEI •rejected confed in 1860s •lack of attention to land issue •concerns: •interests swamped in federal legislature •loss of independence •loss of control over revenue and patronage NS and NB •passed both assemblies •still, concerns: •loss of financial control •domination by heavily populated Canadas •little benefit in annexing northwest •merchants feared protectionist tariffs Success in NB •new markets after US Reciprocity lapsed •threat of Fenian raids (from ireland, free ireland out of the UK) •gain Ireland's independence by holding BNAfor ransom (until UK let the Irish free) •Fenian raid of NB from Maine in December 1865 •pressure from Britain Success in NS •local merchants against •maritime union reconsidered •Britain wouldn't support half-measure •Macdonald promised intercolonial railway after union FinalArra
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