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Health Sciences
HSCI 100
Nienkevan Houten

Chapter 7CELLSOFTHENERVOUSSYSTEMNervous system allows for communication between cells through sensory input integration of data and motor output3 cell types Neurons and Neuroglia NeuronsMade of dendrites a cell body of an axonDendrites carry info toward the cell bodyAxons carry info from a cell body These are long extensions that carry nerve impulses Covered in myelin3 types of neurons1SensoryTake impulse from sensory receptor to CNSConduct info toward the brain and spinal cord2InterneuronsAka association neuronsFound only within the brain and spinal cord where htye integrate and interpret sensory signalsAccount for 99 of nervesReceive info in the CNS and send it to a motor neuron3MotorTakes impulses from the CNS to an effector gland or muscle fibreCarry info away from the brain and spinal cord to an effectorNeurogliaA collection of cells that support and nourish the neuronsOutnumber neurons of a ratio of 91
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