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Simon Fraser University
Health Sciences
HSCI 100
Nienkevan Houten

Chapter 15THEGASTROINTESTINALTRACTIts a long tube hollow tube that is that makes up the digestive system Begins at the mouth and continues to the esophagus stomach small intestine and large intestine Have 4 basic layers 1MucosaInnermost layer that create mucus that protect the lining and also produce digestive enzymesMucus help lubricate the lumen allowing food to slide through easilyIn some region cells in mucosa help secrete digestive enzymes2Submucosand2 layer of the loose connective tissue that contains blood vessels lymphatic blood vessels and nerves 3Muscularisrd3 layer made of 2 layers of smooth muscle that moves good along the GI tractMixing ingested materials with digestive secretion4SerosaOuter lining that is part of the peritoneum that covers abdominal partsThin layer of epithelial tissue supported by connective tissue wraps around GIDIGESTIVEPROCESSIngestionIntake of food via the mouthDigestionMechanically or chemically breaking down food into their subunitsMovementFood must be moved along the GI tract in order to fulfill all functions
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