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Lecture 11

Hsci 120 - Lecture 11

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Health Sciences
HSCI 120
Carolyn Stewart

HSCI 120 December 1, 2010 Lecture 10 Commercial Sex Chapter 17 Commercial Sex  Commercial Sex Worker: A person who engages in sexual acts in return foro money or drugs and (527) does so in a fairly non-discriminating fashion; prostitute  Common Bawdy-House: A place used by one or more persons to engage in prostitution or indecency (illegal) Venues for Sex  Call Girl: The most expensive and exclusive category of sex workers (illegal) Worders (528)  Middle-class background, university graduate, dresses expensively and lives in upscale neighbourhood  Brothel: A house of prostitution where sex workers and customers meet for sexual activity (illegal)  In-Call Service: A residence in which sex workers work regular shifts, selling sexual services on an hourly basis (illegal)  Massage Parlour: A place where massages as well as sexual services can be generally purchased  Our-Call Service: A service that sends a sex worker to a location specified by the client to provide sexual services  Streetwalker: A lower-status sex worker who walks the streets selling sexual services Third-Parties  Pimp: A sex worker’s companion, protector and master (532)  Madam: A woman who manages a brothel, in-call, out-call, or escort service  Sex Trafficking: The recruitment and control of persons for sexual exploitation  Depersonalization: Using cognitive and behavioural strategies to cope with the risks of their work  Early sexual abuse in childhood leads to higher chance of becoming a sex worker Male Sex  Gigolo: A male who provides companionship and sexual gratification on a continuing basis to a Workers (536) woman in exchange for money  Hustler: A male sex worker who sells his services to men  3 t
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