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Lecture 6

Hsci 120 - Lecture 6

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Health Sciences
HSCI 120
Carolyn Stewart

HSCI 120 October 20, 2010 Lecture 7 Sexuality Education Chapter 19 Sexual Education  Sexual Education: Lifelong process of acquiring information about sexual behavior and forming (593) attitudes, beliefs and values about identity, relationships and intimacy  SIECCAN: Sex Information and Education Council of Canada, national resource for up-to-date information on human sexuality  Everyone should have access to effective sexual health education  Comprehensive and address a range of issues to diverse populations  Methods on information-motivation-behavioral skills model  Sex Ed teachers should be well trained and supported by their organizations  Sex Ed program should be constantly evaluated and updated  Gay Straight Alliance Club: School student clubs which are supported by teachers that work to create a safe environment for LGBT students What to Teach at  Young Children: Believe that a baby has always existed somewhere else before it got inside the Different Ages mother  Children 5: Asks where babies come from  Children 7 or 8: Understand that a baby requires a social relationship, sexual activity and the union of a sperm and egg (may not understand that the sexual activity involves intercourse)  Children 9: What is sexual behavior  Children 11: Puberty  Children 12: Can say an embryo exists at the moment of conception and is the product of genetic
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