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Lecture 9

Hsci 120 - Lecture 9

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Simon Fraser University
Health Sciences
HSCI 120
Carolyn Stewart

HSCI 120 November 10, 2010 Lecture 7 Sexual Coercion Chapter 16 Sexual Assault  Sexual Assault: Any nonconsensual sexual activity ranging from unwanted touching, to forced oral, (497) anal or vaginal intercourse, to sexual violence in which the victim is wounded or maimed or his or her life is endangered or when the victim in incapable of giving consent  Spousal Sexual Assault: Sexual assault of a person by his or her current or former marital or common-law spouse  Peak high distress 3 weeks after event, then continues at a high for next month then improvement 2-3 months after event  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Long-term psychological distress suffered by someone who has experienced a terrifying event  Post-Traumatic Growth: Positive life changes and psychological development following exposure to trauma Causes of Sexual  Victim-Precipitated Sexual Assault: “Blame the victim” Assault with  Psychopathology of Sex Offenders: Act by a disturbed man Women (503)  Feminist: Views these acts as product of gender-role socialization, male showing their power  Social Disorganization: A disrupted community which cannot enforce its norms against crime Men who are  Violent home environment Sexually  Delinquency Aggressive (505)  Sexual Predatory Orientation  Hostile Masculine Personality Women  Set Sexual Limits Preventing  Decide early if you would like to have intercourse Sexual Assault (509)  Do not give mixed messages  Be forceful and firm  Do not do anything you Child Sexual  Intrafamilial Sexual Abuse: Sexual contact between
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