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Hsci 120 - Lecture 3

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Simon Fraser University
Health Sciences
HSCI 120
Carolyn Stewart

HSCI 120 September 22, 2010 Lecture 3 Chapters 13, 14 What is your Sex  Your Sex: What is between your legs  Sexuality: Male attracted to Male, Male to Females and Females to Females Gender Role and  Gender: What you feel your sex is in your head Stereotypes  Gender Role: A set of norms which define how people of one gender should behave  Stereotype: A set of beliefs about a group of people is applied to all members of that group  Gender Schema: A set of ideas we associate with males and females  Socialization: The ways in which society conveys to the individual its norms or expectations for his or her behaviour  Gender socialization is usually from parents, peers and the media  Acculturaltion: The process of adapting the beliefs and customs of a new culture Gender  Men are less able to disclose personal information Differences in Psychology  Women are more likely to express themselves and emotions and are better at reading body language Gender  Men more likely to masturbate than women Differences in Sexuality  Men more accepting of casual sex than women  Women, apparently, do not actually have sex for emotional purposes  Men and women share mostly same goals for sex  Found that men and women prefer erotic things over romantic things  Men are more consistent at having orgasms than women  Men have higher sex drives than women Why the Differences  Men might be boasting  Women do not want to sound like a slut  Sometimes arousal is undetected, because it is hard to tell for women  Cultural factors: More partners make men have a higher status symbol, while it makes women sluts  Gender roles in society shape what we think is the norm Beyond Young Adults  Men: High sex drive younger and decreases as he becomes older (sex older focuses more on emotional aspects)  Women: Lower sex driver younger and increases and peaks at about 40  Person-Centered Sex: Sexual expression where the emphasis is on the relationship and emotions between the two people  Body-Centered Sex: Sexual expression where the emphasis is on the body and physical pleasure Transgender  Gender Dysphoria: Unhappiness with one’s gender  Transgender: Term to all people who cross the lines of their gender  Two-Spirit Person: Term by aboriginal people to describe those who have an alternative gender and sex expression  Intersex Person: Person born with mixed indicators of biological sex  Cross-Dress: Dressing in the stereotyped clothing of the other gender  Transsexual: Person whose physical sex does not match their identity  Gender Bender, Gender Free  Males-To-Female Transsexual (MtF) or Transwoman: A person born with a male body but has a female identity and wishes to undergo gender reassignment  Female-To-Male Transsexual (FtM) or Transman: A person born with a female body whose gender identity is male and who wishes to undergo gender reassignment  Gynephilic: When the transsexual is attracted to men  Androphilic: When the transsexual is attracted to women Gender Reassignment  Gender Reassignment: The surgery done on transsexuals to change their anatomy to match their gender identity  Through counseling and psychological evaluation, need to establish that the person is a true transsexual, as some people mistakenly do the transformation for the wrong reasons  Step 1: Real Life Experience for 1-2 years as the other gender  Step 2: Hormone injections  Step 3: Surgery  Gender Identity Disorder: A strong and persistent cross-gender identification  Buccal Smear: A test of genetic sex, where a small scraping of cells is taken from inside the mouth Gender Binary  Gender Binary: The classification of sex and gender into two distinct and disconnected forms of masculine and feminine o All traits locked
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