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Health Sciences
HSCI 180
Julian Somers

Week 1 Clinical trial the muddled Canadian landscapethe industry government and academia will have to collaborate to maintainincrease Canadas share of clinical trials in the global marketThe problem is that its hard to recruit physiciansdoctors to run trialsPharmaceutical companies are the main sponsors of clinical trials in CanadaThe majority of the companies research and development spending was in Ontario and QuebecWith the number of clinical trial sites Canada ranks fourth in the world Pharmaceutical companies are outsourcing clinical trials to contract research organizations which organize trials in community and hospitalsIn the future Canada will focus on targeted drugs producing bigger effects in smaller populations as opposed to having large number of patients and looking at small effectsChallenges facing the clinical trial industry include o Lack of basic info about clinical trial landscape in Canada lack of cooperation among parties ie hospitals o Increased complexity of documentation required for clinical trials lack of standardization of contracts and among research ethic boardso Publics lack of confidence in pharmaceutical companies and difficulties recruiting patients for trials o Trials that are unnecessarily complex or uninteresting requires time and huge money o Languagecultural challenges different provinces have different privacy legislation that organizers have to cope with for Canadawide trials13 of the eligible Canadian population participates in clinical trialsFor Canada to prosper in clinical trials there must be cooperation between academics and pharmaceutical companiesHealth Services Minister Kevin Falcon and Big Pharma target research groupTherapeutic Initiative TI is a world renowned drugresearch programTI saves lives and money it provides unbiased evidence based info on wide variety of drug therapiesNDP health critic said that the BC liberals are getting rid of the TI because their funders in the pharmaceutical industry dont like the independence of the TIMeanwhile drugindustry lobby groups are saying that TI was contributing positively and improving BCs health care Generation Rx Taking action on teen prescription drug abuseOpioids are prescribed to manage chronic or severe painLinda Gardiners son died of addiction to OxyContin a pain relieverIn Toronto 2007 21 of students grade 7grade 12 admitted to taking opioid for nonmedical purposes in the previous year Overof them got the drug from their homeCanada is the worlds top per capita consumer of a number of opioids this easy access pays a big roleCanada forbid directtoconsumer prescription drug advertisingads can only name a drug or what it treats not bothFederal govts new national anti drug strategy o Too focused on high profile illicit drugs o Doesnt support for harm reduction strategiesStrategies that aim to identify individuals at high risk for diversion o Cost more have a low impactStrategies that aim to identify liberal prescribers work betterFew provinces have prescription monitoring programs ie Nova ScotiaCommunitys integrated approach to solve problems are effective o Police health authorizes educators doctors pharmacists parentsPartnership consists of 3 working groups o Education and prevention o Treatment o Community safetyBest way to control Prescription Opioids o EducationAwareness Campaigns o Strong Anti Diversion Policies o Drug Monitoring Programs Week 2 Drug courts Conceptual foundation empirical findings and policy implicationsDrug courts have emerged within the last two decades and they divert greatly from the traditional judicial practicesTo strengthen drug courts the theory that they are based on have to be anchored to policy policy to practice and ultimately practice to evidencebased outcomes Why drug courts were createdThe zerotolerance crackdown of the war on drugs initiated in the early 1970s created so much backlog in the Criminal Justice System CJS that an alternative was necessaryMiami USA was the first to have a drug court then Canada Australia and Macedonia also have themTo try a new method since the prevailing courts have failed
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