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Lecture 1

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Simon Fraser University
Health Sciences
HSCI 307
Denise Z.

HSCI 307 Lecture #1-to go with lecture slides January 11, 2011 -Focus on what’s on the slides for the final exam -Final is mostly multiple choice with some short answer (which can be answered in bullet form) -For the paper, student names must be in the header of the paper -Research: builds on the work of others; may want to repeat a study and add a new insight sometimes. -Research objectives: select research question, then proceed with the other stages of research, repeat (results from study can take you to conduct a new study). -5 key stages: applies to both qualitative and quantitative research paradigms -research of interest frequently comes from personal life, interests, media, social issues, etc. -prioritize why a problem is important; describe the nature of the problem, e.g. “ these are the consequences…this many people are affected each year.” Think of the benefit this study brings
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