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Lecture 5

HSCI 130 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Rock Hudson, Lymph Node, Sex Tourism

Health Sciences
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HSCI 130
Rochelle Tucker

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“Age of Aids” Documentary Notes
Part 1:
insufficient Helper T cells
cause completely unknown and baffling to MDs
symptoms: all over body lesions and spots, swollen lymph glands
American blood supply contaminated, killed almost all people with hemophilia, public health disaster
Haiti was a tourist destination for gays
within 3 years it extended through all stratums of society
Haitians were considered a risk group and it killed the country's economy, although it was
sensationalized and unwarranted, racism
Attempts to ban gay bathhouses, 20+ sexual partner a night, very low lights couldn't see people
the disease came from a chimp in West Central Africa and was transferred during butchering the chimp
meat (cross species transmission, SIV vs. HIV, but it was not widespread in these communities until
they move to a large city) (pox vaccination using shared needles)
first confirmed AIDS death: Congo, 1959
Americans claimed credit for discovering the AIDS, but France actually did, but only sent it to them for
confirmation, out of court settlement gave them both credit
Reagan wouldn't mention AIDS, insufficient funding for CDC
gay activists became organized and fought for their lives, didn't help calm people's fears, pretended it
wasn't there
Rock Hudson, actor in Pillow Talk, french trial patient (failed), first well-known person publicly diagnosed
with AIDS, died
ignorance: police officers and bus drivers wore rubber gloves
Hemophiliacs with AIDS faced intense discrimination, kicked out of schools, burned down homes etc.
new Ugandan President Musevani preached tolerance for people with AIDS and educated on
transmission (Abstinence, Be Faithful To Your Partner, Condoms), positive response, rates of HIV
infection declined
Thailand: prison drugs and heroin/needle sharing ("sharing needles meant we belonged in the same
group"),didn't care about getting infected, sex tourism. (Thai King granted amnesty to 37k prisoners,
spread to the population)
condom promotion for 1/2 minute of AIDS promotion on every hour of broadcast,
spread condoms to ALL known brothels
lack of concern for IV drug users
Margaret Thatcher's administration worked to reduce HIV+ prevalence in drug users (56% infected), first
to establish needle exchanges
not possible in America with laws against selling of drug parephenelia, anti-HIV
drug activists arrested
condom distribution NOT supported by gov't
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