HSCI 140 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Recall Bias, Chiropractic, Cortisol

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Feb. 3, 2016
HSCI 140
Week 5
Sample Test Questions Slides Answers:
-Question 1: False as it doesn’t use only one method but multiple method
o(Must read summary and know basics of each 4 systems for test. Also notes and
class discussion)
-Question 2: A as it’s in people’s head
oPhysicians use placebo effect as people’s responds to it
Psychological not physical as it’s all in their head
oIn real disease, it can reduce symptoms
-Question 3: B
-Question 4: D
-For the test, author and title will be told in question
-Should recognize key words in slides and talked about in class
-Should know key/ main points from the articles
-Read the questions carefully
1)Major Concepts in Research:
-How you study it? – better or not so great?
-Important to help understand CAM
-Search for efficacy, effectiveness, cost efficiency
-What’s important to look at?
oDeath? No also other important variables (article)
Mind and Body Practices:
oClassic Way (Video)
Take a step back in life and see things in different perspectives
Compassion to others happiness of others
Look at present in 10 minutes rather than future and past
47% of life lost in past
Varies on person and ability to fall through
Needs practice
Helps people with anxiety (meditation)
Present moment: Increase happiness and efficiency
Mind and Body Practices:
-Mind and body practices include a large and diverse group of procedures or techniques
administered or taught by a trained teacher/ practitioners
oMassage therapy
oMovement Therapies
oRelaxation Techniques
Powerful one is slow in and out breathing
Best for headaches, tension or exhausted
Not much research done on it
oTwo types or relaxation: Dead and alive
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