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Lecture 6

HSCI 140 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Tai Chi, Confounding, Toothpick

Health Sciences
Course Code
HSCI 140
Michel Joffres

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Feb. 17, 16
HSCI 140
Week 6
Midterm: Arcle know the abstract and conclusion and know all the main points of them
- Example: is there any bene*ts of tai chi and qi gong?
- Pay a/enon of what the queson is asking. Read Carefully!
- Format of exam: True and False, Mulple Choice quesons
Connued: Mind and Body Pracces:
- Tai qi and yoga are both mind and body pracces but there also also some that are more
separate (focus on just body or focus on just mind)
- Don’t like how its together
- Fight back makes it easier
- Power of mind and body is coordinaon, relaxaon and beyond
Video Important Points:
- what they thought was occurring really wasn’t
- Fitness, muscle
- Risk of fractures
- Yoga not bene*cial to people with asthma and arthris
- No real results
- Not make much di<erent
- Doesn’t improve but is there harm then?
- not conducted in yoga se>ng
- Li/le ritual, not environment responsible but there’s an impact of what they’re doing
- Can you *nd a Sham like yoga?
- Placebo e<ect of the movements
- Analyze muscle movements
- Presented that Yoga works
- But what is it that really works?
- May be study bias
- Is it a placebo e<ect? Mechanics
- Tailoring di<erent movements (individualized)
- Careful of what they are doing or making them do
- Ie. Hot Yoga has many side a<ects thus tailor it to one’s ability
- Not much working but yoga made it work
- surgery no improve it but some may help a li/le or its just for short term
- physicians get frustrated when don’t know how to treat it and paent. Thus, they may go
to alternave and somemes its not safe or good
- May help depression
- read the website links about it
Acupuncture and Sham Studies:
- fake = real acupuncture so all bene*ts are placebo e<ects
- both true and sham acupuncture really work
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