Lecture 1

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HSCI 307 Lecture #1-to go with lecture slides January 11, 2011
-Focus on whats on the slides for the final exam
-Final is mostly multiple choice with some short answer (which can be answered in bullet
-For the paper, student names must be in the header of the paper
-Research: builds on the work of others; may want to repeat a study and add a new insight
-Research objectives: select research question, then proceed with the other stages of
research, repeat (results from study can take you to conduct a new study).
-5 key stages: applies to both qualitative and quantitative research paradigms
-research of interest frequently comes from personal life, interests, media, social issues, etc.
-prioritize why a problem is important; describe the nature of the problem, e.g. these are
the consequences…this many people are affected each year. Think of the benefit this study
brings and why it needs to be funded.
-pick a topic you care about.
-ethical issues: working with kids (w/ vulnerable populations with constraints).
-think about the feasibility, practicality, time, design, etc.
-research question: population (age, sex, location, etc.)-could involve kids, adults, etc.; want
to look at effect and exposure, e.g. traffic and sleep loss.
-define what you mean by impact on health (what impact? >loss of sleep), (what do you
mean by health? >physical, mental?)
-Hypothesis-what you expect to see; brief and to the point, testable
-Null hypothesis-statement of no relationship: look broadly then narrow down with the
presence of adequate numbers/data; encourage to be specific.
>>for this class, Denise did not diverge too far from the notes, as it was the first class. The
rest of the information provided in lecture is within her posted slides.
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