HSCI 307 Lecture #2-to go with lecture slides January 18, 2011
-Goal of a research project/paper: to demonstrate the concepts learned in the course and applying it.
-Original topic: information is applied in a new context; applying in a new setting but can be old
research, e.g. meta-analyses, ethnographies, surveys, etc.
-Feasible: can be done; research can be evaluated.
-differences between methodologies is systematic: based upon underlying paradigms.
x paradigm: your orientation to the research problem you have; bringing a particular view/stance
to your research (using a particular lens).
-How do you value the research within this paradigm?
-Used to illustrate the differences in methodological approaches, e.g. feminist perspective, etc.
This refers to a particular foundation/base of assumptions; the paradigm you select influences
how you obtain and use the knowledge.
-A story can personalize a problem (qualitative) while quantitative results support and provide
the evidence (#[s can mean more).
x Epistemology: how we obtain and use knowledge.
-Qualitative and quantitative methods is not about study designs (e.g. case-control vs. randomized trial),
it is within the underlying assumptions brought to the work.
x Deductive-tests an existing theory/hypothesis
x Inductive-develops an existing theory/hypothesis
also be familiar with strengths and weaknesses table within the book.
-For this project, mixed methods approach wouldn[t be the best way to go; keep it to one approach
(quantitative or qualitative).
-Pay attention to ethics! (Denise is on the ethics board at SFU; this is crucial to her)
-you do not need to write a ^results_ section on the proposal anymore (this has been omitted).
Intro-discusses methods and study design: discussion (very important)
-not a lot of attention on analysis of the proposed study (biostats); so this is also omitted.
Discussion section:
-meaning of your work (programs, social issues, etc.)
-did you find what you expected to find?
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