IAT 102 Week 7 Lecture

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Simon Fraser University
Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 102
Andrew Hawryshkewich

IAT 102 Week 7 Lecture Sight lines in photos can emphasize importance of text Consistency in placing content through structure Purposes of grid: •organization of info, see structure of document, non arbitrary placement of text and images •Providing consistency, help guide reader through info •Clearly communicates info, know where to look, easy to scan, clear edges and lines •Reusable, something to be played with Reasons for use: •Task as designer is to break info into easily parsed chunks •In and out of sea of words •Help navg through flow of info •Organizing consistent communication One Col grid - focus on margins Don't do more than 7 columns, probably Facing pages (spread) if both one Col type, spread is Col type Modular grid - also horizontal elements Baseline grids - allows type to be lined up between columns (tut on webCT) Think about playing with white space in margins To be grid, requires same
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