IAT 102 Week 8 Lecture

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Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 102
Andrew Hawryshkewich

IAT 102 Week 8 Lecture Design Movements Gestalt principles: •How mind perceives separate elements as a whole (psych theory) •Around same time as art nouveau •Proximity as a creator of relationships •Similarity to group/Dissimilarity to draw attention •Continuation - using old lines to further guide the viewed •Closure - minds fill in rest ofvshape •Uniform connectedness - lines If familiar with old stuff, can think about how to make new stuff Art Nouveau •Abandon industrialism •Go away from cloning and copying •More organic •Raise the craft •Skill and quality •Gesamtkunstwerk: a total art form - encompasses all forms of art, art nouveau tried to achieve this •Overturn idea that painting and sculpture high and crafts low •Lots of curves •Against excessive ornamentation - move away from Victorian, to more modern art •Step forward from before, not as far as they had hoped •Art nouveau wasn't getting it done, people didn't like •Started idea of simplification Bauhaus - house of building •1920-30 •Unite art and design •Function over form - aesthetics come in relation to goal •Against industrialisation •Wanted to bring back humanity to art •Solve industrial society's problems •Pushing fine arts from fine arts to visual arts
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