IAT 102 Week 9 Lecture

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Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 102
Andrew Hawryshkewich

Design Movements Continued New York School: •In US, same time as Swiss •Saul Bass, Paul Rand •Play a bit more with design, more playful, less rigid •More symbolic, expressive •Asymmetrical balance •Shapes as communication tools •Still get meaning across, not sterile and boring •Casual •Focal point in design, but less clear structure •Not much use of photos, when they did, integrated it into the design •Logo designs •Playful, never lost focus on communication Modernism and post-modernism •Lots of argument about •Suggestive of eras of thought •These rough rules that apply to us Modernism •Subjective •Clarifying meaning •Remove self from design •Interdisciplinary, blending of different crafts •Minimalism •Move away from fine, Victorian design •Rational, clean Post-modernism •Rejects idea of any truth, no absolutes •Complexity, world as a series of complex interactions •Density of info •Overcomplexifies? •Diversity - wide variety of designers and styles •Find design's feel, more than a rational view •Performance •Create a reaction more than communication •Odermatt and Tissi: Break apart and
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