IAT 102 Lecture Notes - Saul Bass, Paul Rand, Interactive Design

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Design Movements Continued
New York School:
In US, same time as Swiss
Saul Bass, Paul Rand
Play a bit more with design, more playful, less rigid
More symbolic, expressive
Asymmetrical balance
Shapes as communication tools
Still get meaning across, not sterile and boring
Focal point in design, but less clear structure
Not much use of photos, when they did, integrated it into the design
Logo designs
Playful, never lost focus on communication
Modernism and post-modernism
Lots of argument about
Suggestive of eras of thought
These rough rules that apply to us
Clarifying meaning
Remove self from design
Interdisciplinary, blending of different crafts
Move away from fine, Victorian design
Rational, clean
Rejects idea of any truth, no absolutes
Complexity, world as a series of complex interactions
Density of info
Diversity - wide variety of designers and styles
Find design's feel, more than a rational view
Create a reaction more than communication
Odermatt and Tissi: Break apart and explore Swiss, more playful with imagery and type
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Document Summary

Modernism and post-modernism: lots of argument about, suggestive of eras of thought, these rough rules that apply to us. Modernism: subjective, clarifying meaning, remove self from design, interdisciplinary, blending of different crafts, minimalism, move away from fine, victorian design, rational, clean. Designer should be involved in design from start to finish: sagmeister: carve text into self, involvement in process, play with communication, more than print design, interactive design mostly comes from post modernism. Consider what needs to be in frame to strengthen design. Digital revolution: every can do graphic design, ctrl-z, easy to fix mistakes, layering, transparencies, unusual elements, complexity is easier, very quick to set things out, brody: reveal, not conceal, message. Not conventional upbringing, explored type: carson: do away with rules, no standard practice, swiss design stripping away connotations, setting a boring article, set it all in dingbats. No, and what is taught is a guideline: later can understand how to break and still communicate.

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