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Principles of Communication
Chapter 1: Essentials of Communication
Communication Principles
• Communication is Dynamic—relationships constantly evolve
• Communication is Unrepeatable and Irreversible—it can never happen in exactly the same
way again…
Communication Has No Opposite!
• Communication is Affected by Culture
• Communication is Influenced by Ethics
• Communication is competence based
• Communication is being transformed by Media and Technology—the medium is the message!
Why is Communication important?
• For the development of understanding and insight
• Meaningful relationships
• Influence and persuasion
• Career Development
Recognize Your Responsibilities
• You are Responsible for Your Own Personal Learning Experience
• You are Responsible to Your Team
• You are Responsible for asking for HELP when you are faced with a challenge
Follow the Rules…
• Be respectful & responsible
Online & face to face
when others are speaking
in your class interactions
in your written work
in your teams
• Contribute to a generous spirit of learning
Allow for miscommunication
Be generous with your understanding
Communication Styles
The Sensor Style:
• High need to be right
• Results oriented “get the job done NOW”
• Doer – less talk, more action
Concern with the “bottom line”
• “time is money”
• Might be conceived as critical and pushy
• Needs control and evidence of progress
The Intuitor Style:
• Likes to be the centre of attention
• “life of the party”
• Spontaneous, prefer adventure
• Not into specifics
• Might be considered a dreamer and inefficient
• Needs action and to receive credit for their ideas
The Feeler Style:
• Values relationships above all else
• Supports other’s feelings
• Will give you their “last dollar” with no thought of return
• “you first” attitude – usually puts own needs last
• Might be dependent and indecisive
• Needs reassurance and relationship security
The Thinker Style:
• Task & detail oriented
• Think and plan carefully before acting
• Researches purchases before buying
• Friendships are few, but long & meaningful
• Might be slow to act and withdrawn
• Needs guarantees of being correct, understanding of their need for detail