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IAT 106
John Dill

Spatial thinking a constructive amalgam of three elements concepts of space tools of representation and processes of reasoningSpatial thinking entails knowing about Space for example the relationships among units of measurement eg kilometers versus miles different ways of calculating distance eg miles travel time travel cost the basis of coordinate systems eg Cartesian versus polar coordinates the nature of spaces eg number of dimensions two versus threedimensional representationfor example the relationships among views eg plans versus elevations of buildings or orthogonal versus perspective maps the effect of projections eg Mercator versus equalarea map projections the principles of graphic design eg the roles of legibility visual contrast and figureground organization in the readability of graphs and maps reasoningfor example the different ways of thinking about shortest distances eg as the crow flies versus route distance in a rectangular street grid the ability to extrapolate and interpolate eg projecting a functional relationship on a graph into the future or estimating the slope of a hillside from a map of contour lines and making decisions eg given traffic reports on a radio selecting an alternative detour Spatial thinking serves three purposes It has 1 a descriptive function capturing preserving and conveying the appearances of and relations among objects 2 an analytic function enabling an understanding of the structure of objects and 3 an inferential function generating answers to questions about the
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